How to Report Bugs and Submit Suggestions in Windows 10

Unfortunately, Windows 10 is not the most bug-free or stable operating system. If you discover bugs in the operating system (which you probably have many times), such as apps crashing, slow performance, links not working and things generally not working as expected, open up Start, go to all apps and find Feedback Hub (it may not be called this on old versions of Windows 10 so look for a feedback app) or search it up in Cortana. If you open up this app, you'll find that you can search for, upvote, comment and add your own feedback. When you want to add feedback, select the feedback item in the hamburger menu and search up what you want and then filter it by the area of Windows it's related to or the app it's related to. You can also switch between all feedback and feedback you've submitted, as seen in the screenshot below. Interestingly, in the screenshot below, there is a bug, can you spot it?

Use feedback hub to submit bugs you find and ideas you come up with to the Windows team.

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